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Google in Russia went bankrupt?

						Google's Russian subsidiary has filed for bankruptcy. The decision to start bankruptcy proceedings at Google was explained by the fact that the bank account of the subsidiary has been arrested and it made impossible for the Russian office to work. The arrest was imposed basing on the claims of Russian TV channels that were blocked on YouTube. 

In particular, on 7th of June, the arbitration court seized a total amount of 1 billion rubles as an interim measure for two claims of VGTRK, the claims of GPM Entertainment Television, owned by Gazprom-Media Holding, NTV TV Company, 360 TV channel, Zvezda TV and ANO TV-TV were also satisfied. News", the founder of the RT TV channels (each in the amount of 500 million rubles).
Google LLC began bankruptcy proceedings on 18 of May.

At the same time, the Google representative added that the company would continue to provide free services to users from Russia, such as the search services, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play and others.

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